• Prepares an annual budget and financial report.
  • Assists with preparation of SNAI event budgets.
  • Responsible for the accuracy and safekeeping of all financial books and records of SNAI
  • Maintain current and accurate financial records on: membership dues received, revenue, disbursements, working fund balance, and ledgers
  • Monthly, reconcile bank statements and submit the Treasurer's report for review by the SNAI Board of Directors
  • Develop a budget prior to each SNAI event, in order to plan effectively
  • Review, approve, and sign all vouchers submitted by the SNAI Board of Directors
  • Maintain running balance of each officer's expenses
  • Leads the whole association by presiding at all Board meetings.
  • Prepares and submits an agenda for all Board meetings at least 1 week before the meeting.
  • Serves as ex-officio member of all committees except the Nominations and Elections Committee.
  • Represents SNAI in all matter relating to the Association.
  • Represents SNAI at the NSNA Annual Convention and the NSNA Mid-Year Conference.
  • Desirable qualifications are the capacity to be an effective and vital force of SNAI through mutually beneficial relationships with school constituents and organizations. Has experience in leadership positions in school and in the community. In addition, has the ability to inspire, guide, delegate, and mobilize students for action.

Legislation Director - Pam Godsil


​​2nd Vice President - Layanna Ahrens

  • Works with SNAI members to provide expert advice regarding different duties of the association.
  • Works with SNAI members in order to secure a full board of directors for the following year.
  • Run elections and campaign at Annual Convention.


 Breakthrough to Nursing Director - 

  • Encourages community involvement of association members.
  • Organizes the SNAI community health initiative for the Annual Convention.
  • ​Manages and compiles content for SNAI's Facebook, Twitter, YouTube account, and SNAI web page. 

   Treasurer - Alexandra Davidson

​​​​Student Nurses Association of Illinois

  • Coordinates activities geared toward recruitment and retention of students in SNAI.
  • Collect SNAI Membership Numbers each month from NSNA and forward them to the BOD.
  • Serve as Chair of the Awards Committee and coordinate all SNAI Awards for Annual Conference and arrange applications for NSNA conference awards.
  • Serve as member of the Publicity and Policies Committees.
  • Reach out to School SNA Chapters and maintain a record of school chapter officers.
  • Provide retention and recruitment initiatives for the SNAI Membership.


  • Serves as planner and Chair of the Annual Leadership Conference which includes but not limited to: 
    • securing the location of the conference, negotiating contracts for the conference venue, hotel, meals
    • hotel accommodations; issuing contracts for speakers, as well as working with the Board and ANA-Illinois Consultants to plan the conference flyers, agenda, menus, scripts and invitations to special guests.


                     1st Vice President

Membership Director - Alexandra Hughes

PRESIDENT - Elizabeth Demitro

  • Develops a plan for securing advertising, exhibitors, and sponsors for all SNAI events' including but not limited to the Annual Convention and Leadership Convention

Secretary - Heba Rubi

  • Assumes the duties of President in the President’s absence or in the event of a vacancy in the office of the President.
  • Serves as planner and Chair of the Annual Convention Planning Committee, the responsibilities of which includes, but are not limited to: 

  • Securing the location of convention; negotiating contracts for convention venue, hotel, meals, and hotel accommodations; issuing contracts for speakers and convention parliamentarian;
  • Working with the Board and ANA-Illinois Consultants to prepare the agenda, menus, scripts, convention business book, and invitations to special guests.
  • Assisting other board members in the completion of their duties as needed.   

Nominations and Elections Committee Chair

Image of Nursing Director

  • Represents SNAI at the Student Nurse Political Action Day.
  • Serves as Chair of the Bylaws and Resolutions Committees.

Elected Executive Consultant - Madison Morgan

  • Records and keeps the minutes of all Board meetings.
  • Updates NSNA on elected SNAI Board members, EEC, and NECC and any changes in board membership.
  • Sends draft Board minutes to all Board members and Consultants for review
  • Sends copy of approved Board minutes to all Board members and Consultants and NSNA
  • Serves as Chair of the Policies Committee.

Marketing Director

  • Develop a plan for soliciting material for publication in Imprint (NSNA), and SNAI E-Blast articles sent to association members.
  • Responsible for technical aspects of the Annual Convention/Business Program Book.
  • Serves as Chair of the Publicity Committee.